After the 76ers home loss to the Lakers, Joel Embiid shares a few minutes with the entire Ball family but saved the biggest show of love for the family patriarch, Lavar Ball.

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Despite the loss, Embiid thrived with 33 points, seven rebounds, six assists and five blocks while shooting 11-of-17 from the field. However, this meeting extends well beyond the court considering the two have engaged in a war of words at times this year.


After the Sixers beat the Lakers earlier in the season, Embiid trolled the Big Baller by tagging “LaVar” as the location on a photo of him scoring against Lonzo.

“The Process” had previously gotten into a little war of words with Lonzo Ball’s pops during the off-season, when he tweeted at Ben Simmons to dunk on Lonzo after LaVar predicted that the Lakers would make the playoffs in his rookie season. Embiid also said “Fuck LaVar Ball” during an Instagram Live video, which resulted in a $10,000 fine from the NBA.