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Words by Comfort Nnana Kalu

Meek Mill had an opportunity to expose the judge who he felt had a hidden agenda against him, but he did not take it when the FBI asked him to wear a wire and record their conversations.

According to a post on The Inquirer, Meek Mill asked the Feds to look into Judge Genece E. Brinkley after he claimed that she attempted to extort him for favors and revoked his probation as a result of his refusal to pay her the money. The FBI approached Mill with an idea to wear a wire to record his conversations with Brinkley, but Mill refused and they stopped looking into the allegations against Brinkley.


Brinkley has been a main focal point in the investigations, as Meek Mill supporters and lawyers have been trying to expose Brinkley and her vendetta. Recently, #Cut50 and Color of Change filed for an ethics investigation into Brinkley, as they claimed that she did not file an accurate financial disclosure form. Mill definitely has a huge battle ahead as Brinkley denied his motion for a bail hearing and now he has filed a new motion with the Supreme Court to get the first ruling overruled.

Let’s hope that the tide changes for Meek Mill.