Marlins CEO Derek Jeter is once again being hailed as a Yankees hero after news broke that the Marlins will send reigning NL MVP Giancarlo Stanton to the Yankees in the biggest move of the off season.

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Stanton led the NL in dingers and dominated the 2016 Home Run Derby. The “mound round of pound” will join a lineup with another 50-homer beast in Aaron Judge, who won Rookie of the Year honors for slamming a record 52 bombs and stealing the show at the 2017 MLB Home Run Derby in Stanton’s old backyard of Miami. The Yankees now floss the two best sluggers in the game.

Stanton will become the second MVP to be traded the following off-season, the first since the Yankees acquired Alex Rodriguez from the Texas Rangers after the 2003 season.


Unsurprisingly, while Jeter was being celebrated by Yankees fans Saturday, other analysts – along with Marlins fans – were blasting the five-time World Series champ.


The Derek Jeter Era is officially underway in Miami, and the Yankees now boast not only the best two African-American power hitters in baseball, but a lineup that can rival the deep Yankees lineups of the Dynasty 90s.

 The New York Yankees are back in the spotlight and this is great business for Major League Baseball.