When the Pacers traded Paul George to the Oklahoma City Thunder, many said the trade was a joke. Fast forward to December, nobody is laughing at the Indiana Pacers.

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While Paul George has struggled to gain a consistent footing with Oklahoma City, Victor Oladipo has been thriving in Indiana.

Victor Oladipo, who most people considered a good, not a great player has blown up this year with the Pacers.


Last Wednesday, Oladipo hit the game-winner against Chicago. Then he led the Pacers to a win over Cleveland (snapping the Cavs 13-game win streak) and on Sunday he dropped 47 points on the Denver Nuggets in another Pacers’ win, the team is now 16-11.

Oladipo is having a breakout season with the Pacers and is meeting the expectations many people set for him back when he was drafted. On the other hand, George is trying to compete for titles on a superteam. Who knows what either player would be doing in the either’s situation. All they can do is play where they’re at now and make the most of it. For Oladipo, he’s playing really well and he’s pretty happy about it. Just don’t compare him to Paul George.

This was supposed to be a rebuilding year in Indiana. Thanks to Oladipo, that’s not happening. The Pacers are for real and a must watch them this season.