Joyner Lucas isn’t afraid to use his voice to address social issues of the time. He took direct aim at white supremacy in the visual for his “I’m Not Racist” single.

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Lucas recently visited Hot 97’s Ebro In The Morning, here he openly discussed an assortment of topics. However, the Massachusetts MC took a stance against the narcotized state of  Hip-Hop. Lean and pill laced lyrics and visuals make Hip-Hop look like a pharmaceutical giant as of lately, rather than music.

Near the 12-minute mark, he addressed drug promotion in today’s music. Furthermore, he mentions Lil Wayne, who ushered pills and lean into the mainstream. Lucas also mentions Future, who made it cool to pop Mollies and Percocets, sip lean and rep the set.


He stated on air:

“I’ve never been into artist promoting drugs. When you say those things, you telling the listener to go do the shit. At the end of the day, I don’t promote any artist, I don’t care who the fuck … Wayne … it don’t matter who you are. Anytime I hear an artist promoting drugs … even Future, ‘Percocet, Molly, Percocet,’ I don’t like that shit.”

Clearly Lucas has an enlightened perspective on the social responsibility he carries as an artist. Music is a powerful tool of expression. In some aspects, music is a “call to action.”

“Let’s not promote that,” he continued. “Let’s not get these kids to start doing this shit ’cause they will. They will do this shit. They are.”

Wiz Khalifa recently issued a PSA, in which he boldly stated “Lean is Lame.”

We encourage all our readers to eat a balanced diet and drink plenty of water, we will not judge anyone. However we encourage all the lean sippers to study the facts and effects of the prescription cough syrup.

Lucas also spoke on the controversy surrounding his “Gucci Gang” remix and “I’m Not Racist.”


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