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Words by Jasmine Johnson

Fans are freaking that there might be a DC5 reunion!

Rumors have been circulating that Destiny’s Child might be reunited at Beyoncé’s Coachella performance next year as she is headlining the festival. And we know that Beyoncé always throw signs and subliminal messages for us to remember. But one beehive superfan (@DaKingKK on twitter) has started an uproar threading pics and post to fuel this tantalizing rumor.


He wrapped all of these IG posts and tweets (from over the last year) together to support his suspicions:

So do you remember when she wore the shirt ACDC. Peep the DC on the shirt.

Any hints?

Michelle Williams posted on her Instagram story about the time she wore her Superbowl performance outfit with Beyoncé.

LaTavia Roberson tweeted “I have so much to tell you guys! All I’m allowed to say right now is..never mind.”

LeToya Luckett posted a throwback of the group on her Instagram as a MOOD. So all of these signs we are seeing could possibly mean we could possibly have a reunion.

It’s not Beyoncé’s first rodeo in throwing subliminal messages though. Do you remember just weeks before she released her sixth album, Lemonade, she posted a picture of her smelling the lemons off the tree? Then on April 23, 2016, we had the album! Another story is when she performed on the Tidal concert in 2015 and if you looked closely on Tidal of the video, she put the FORMATION video just a year before she announced the FORMATION WORLD TOUR!

Whether this is true or not, fans are eating it up. Almost everyone anticipates the original “Bug-A-Boo” girls + 1 to rock the stage again.