We are currently in an era where the focal difference between all the human families of the planet earth is how to stay on fluent accord. With the internet and technology making the world so much smaller, how can we all understand each other.

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Through mediums such as sports, politics, hospitality, and most notably, technology, communication between humans from opposed regions has become a common act. Of course, with English being the third most commonly spoken language in the world (after Mandarin and Spanish), language barriers are a huge factor when it comes to communicative understanding. Well, there happens to be a product out there that has a great chance at changing this dynamic.

Birthed by Waverly Labs comes the Pilot Translation Earpiece. The Pilot, which appears to be a set of wireless headphones is actually a device that can translate a language being spoken to you by another being into your preferred language in text, which is shown through the Waverly app. In order for The Pilot to work, you and the individual you are conversing with must have the application downloaded to both of your phones. Next, you synchronize your conversation with use of a matching QR code and tada! Your conversation has officially gone live. The process is pretty simple. To record your conversation, there is a button in the app users have to press while speaking into the earpiece’s mic. Waverly’s translation software will then convert your voice into text form on your homie’s app. If your homie has an earpiece, he/she will hear your translated message voiced by a computer.


The earpieces come in three colors: red, white and black. It is packaged into a plastic case that is an integrated battery charger for the earbuds, which are said to last 3 to 4 hours. Despite there being very minimal idle time between speaking into the mic, translating it into text or audio The Pilot works fluently to its purpose. Tech head testimonies describe the product as having great potential for elevating the art of 21st-century communication. The device is set to support five languages: French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, English. An additional fee will apply for requested languages.

The Pilot has yet to go on public sale, but individuals who contributed to Waverly’s Indiegogo campaign got first dibs on the product, but for the price of $249. In coming times, the device will be available for public sale $299 and will soon support Turkish, Hindi, Greek, Korean and Russian languages.