Black women single handedly saved the Alabama Senate election by keeping Roy Moore out of office. Charles Barkley felt inclined to do something nice for his sisters, but of course he had to take a jab at the entire demographic in the midst of it.

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The Hall of Famer took his seat at the NBA on TNT table on Thursday where they discussed the Alabama elections. Although 92% of Black men showed up to vote for Doug Jones, 97% of Black women made their way to the election booth to keep a Donald Trump-endorsed child molester out of office. In an effort to thank the Black Queens of Alabama, Barkley pledged $1 million to them. “I’m pledging $1 million to Black women in Alabama to do startups, that does not mean hair salons and restaurants black women, that means startups,” Barkley said.

It was a nice gesture at first, before he peppered in ignorance and stereotypes. However he explained himself and said the money will be for IT startups.