Warner Bros. Records Executive Vice President A&R Jeff Fenster and another executive, who’s identity remain anonymous, are facing disciplinary action by the Warner Music Group after sexual harassment allegations from a former female executive surfaced.

“We are grateful to a former Warner Bros. Records employee for coming forward to raise these concerns with us,” Warner Music Group said in a statement, disclosing the executive’s name. “We appointed an independent investigator to conduct a thorough, in-depth investigation, as a consequence of which we are taking the appropriate disciplinary actions. The findings have also helped us identify areas where we can improve the enforcement of our policies and bolster our efforts to maintain a safe, respectful, and professional environment for all of our employees.”

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According to Billboard, after leaving the company, the woman, who also remains anon, penned a letter addressing the allegations performed by Fenster and other Warner Brothers executive. The woman also accused Warner Bros. Music CEO Stephen Cooper of making inappropriate commentary at a party.

Earlier this month, WMG fired a head Swedish executive due to sexual harassment claims.


The human resources department at WMG is reportedly on a mission to revamp the company’s work environment following the effective claims of sexual assault. In an innate memo to Billboard, WMG states, “If the disturbing news stories from the last few months have taught us anything, it’s that there is a need for lasting change at our company, in our industry, and in our society at large.”