Words By Leslie Monet

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On December 14th, the one-year anniversary of The Hamilton Mixtape release, Pulitzer Prize-winning Lin-Manuel Miranda took to social media to announce he has some “DOPE NEW SH*T” to share with Hamilton fans.

While we all awaited what was once promised to be a Hamilton Mixtape Vol. 2, we were pleasantly surprised by Miranda’s announcement of the first tune of a series of monthly single releases called “Ben Franklin’s Song”. Miranda tweeted:


“So today, we begin THE HAMILDROPS. We’re gonna drop some new Hamilton content, every month, through December 2018. Something new, every month….LET’S BEGIN! DECEMBER’S #HAMILDROP…member how I said I once wrote some Decemberists-esque lyrics for a Ben Franklin tune, but never set ‘em to music?

Uber-creative, Miranda not only uses highly intelligent historical references in the first verse but brings to life Benjamin Franklin’s cocky attitude spitting “Do You Know Who The F*ck I am?” throughout the song’s chorus. Remarkably, this second-coming of the Hamilton Mixtape will compel fans to follow the releases month to month throughout 2018 to experience the entire album under the hashtag #HAMILDROPS.

There’s only so much to be written to describe the jaw-dropping track, but Miranda makes it plain:

“So enjoy BEN FRANKLIN’S SONG. Music by The Decemberists, Lyrics by yours truly. Available now. #Hamildrops. Siempre, Lin-Manuel”