Yesterday (Dec. 17), Lil’ Kim shared a photo of her and Remy Ma dressed in what she describes as custom-made clothes from France along with another photo of her, Remy Ma, and Chris Brown, hinting a possible collab in the works: “Ooohhhh just wait on it ? ?Bout to switch up the tempo.” The photos are from the Hot 97 2017 Hot for the Holidays concert.

In response to the photo with Remy, one of her fans left a comment that not only speaks down on the style of her clothing ensemble, but the way her body fits inside of it. The fan suggested the outfit was in need of an adjustment in the stomach area because of Lil Kim’s “rolls.”

In a calm and mild manner, The Hard Core rapper responded to the fan, embracing the presence of her “rolls” because she has been active in maintaining good health and controlling her weight. Kim says she has been working out daily and eating a healthier diet. The Queen Bee knows she does not owe an explanation to the hating fan. According to Kim, the only reason why she responded was to “help someone else who may feel a little self conscious about their weight gain or little rolls that show through their clothes…”

Lil’ Kim’s friendly shutdown ended with a motivational set of words encouraging the hating fan to embrace positivity and a healthy life. This clap back not only revealed the active stance of Lil’ Kim’s healthy lifestyle change, but it also showcases another way she handles shots, by killing them with kindness.