Reporter Gets Dragged for Questioning Diddy’s Ability to Run an NFL Team

After sharing his interest in becoming the first Black majority NFL team owner for the Carolina Panthers via twitter on Sunday night, Diddy received a huge amount of positive feedback. Steph Curry and Colin Kaepernick were on the top of the supporters list, both tweeting that they “want in” on possible ownership with the business mogul.

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While everyone was here for it, the Bay Area’s Kron 4 news reporter Henry Wofford felt otherwise. Henry appeared on the morning news with co-host Darya Folsom and made a mockery of Diddy’s latest endeavors by stating that he looked like he “smoked a blunt” and “drank a 40,” while questioning “How can we take Diddy seriously?”

Of course Black T,witter was not having it; they immediately began to drag Wofford’s name through the mud. Henry responded to the backlash and said that the snippet was taken out of context.


“Diddy is a businessman who has the work ethic, success & contacts to run an NFL team. My response to @DaryaKRONFolsom question was regarding if he’s serious about buying the team,” Henry Wofford tweeted.

Diddy has been on the top 5 Forbes list, with a net worth of $820 million, as well as being the owner of multiple streams of businesses, while still contributing to the Hip-Hop community. It’s clear that he is more than capable of owning an NFL team.  Watch snippet below.

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