Netflix dropped a full trailer for Equanimity on Thursday, featuring Dave Chappelle in all his glory, going in on Donald Trump voters in America.

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In the two-minute trailer, Chappelle reflects on the 2016 election and how he “felt sorry” for the Trump supporters waiting to cast their votes.


Chappelle jokes that he has never seen more “poor whites” up close in his life until he went to the voting booth on Election Day in 2016.

I felt sorry for them. I know the game now. I know that rich people call poor white people ‘trash.’ And the only reason I know that is because I made so much money last year that the rich whites told me they say it at a cocktail party. I stood in line with them like all Americans are required to do in a democracy, nobody skips the line to vote… and I listened to them. I listened to them say naive poor white people things: ‘Donald Trump is going to go to Washington and he’s gonna fight for us.’ I’m standing there thinking, ‘you dumb motherf–ker … you are poor. He’s fighting for me!

The special was written and shot a while back, but the material hits particularly close to home in the wake of Congress passing its tax bill, which isn’t exactly designed to help out the lower class.

Chappelle earned $60 million in his deal with Netflix. This is his third comedy special on the streaming service, and will be available to stream on Dec. 31.