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Jhene Aiko released the third installment of her M.A.P. (movie, album, poetry book) project yesterday. As we know, Aiko’s music comes from her poetry and writings, and the poetry book 2Fish will have poems and writings since she was 12 years old.

The M.A.P project was a way to heal after the death of her brother, Miyagi. He died in July of 2012 from cancer at the tender age of 26 years old. In September of this year, Jhene released Trip, a short film, where Aiko is Penny.“Penny is me in my purest, most authentic form”, Aiko describes.


When talking about her brother she says that the two were very close.

“I never thought of him as a separate person, but an extension of myself. He was my reflection. In his presence, I was confident and always so sure. I was Penny.”

Her poetry book, 2Fish, will serve as a healing tool not only for herself but for others. The movie Trip, as a part of this three-part project, was released on Sept 22nd and the album which shares the same title was released the day before on Sept 21st.

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