Back in June 2017, Tennis star Venus Williams was involved in a fatal car crash that led to the death of 78-year-old Jerome Barson in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla. As Williams was crossing an intersection another car ran into her vehicle which caused major injuries to Jerome, leading to his death two weeks later.

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Reports said that Venus was at fault for violating the right of way of the other vehicle, and although she was not cited or charged, the crash was still under heavy investigation. According to Venus, she “was caught in the middle of the intersection, because a Nissan Altima had turned in front of her as the light was turning.” Surveillance footage supported her story throughout the investigation.

Yesterday the Sun- Sentinel reported that after a six month investigation, Williams as well as the driver of the SUV that hit her car, will not face any charges in relation to the accident. The Palms Beach Garden police determined that neither of them violated the right of way. Jerome’s widow, Linda Barson; who was also the driver in the Hyundai Accent that night, came out without a scratch. However, the Barson family says that despite the recent verdict, they will continue to file a wrongful death suit against Williams.