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Battle rapper Daylyt took to Instagram early Friday morning to send prayers to his fellow South LA rapper Ab Soul. Daylyt posted a picture of the Top Dawg Ent artist with the caption “I need everybody to say a prayer for my boy ab soul ! He’s going thru some really tuff s**t right now and need as much energy as we can possibly give him ! Get well soon king! Tde!”


Daylyt, who goes by Daylyt2k in Instagram, was vague about what could have Ab-Soul in a tough spot. The immediate thought could be health issues related to Ab-Soul’s rare disease developed as a child called Stevens-Johnson Syndrome. The post also could be referencing a person issue with his family or even the west coast emcee’s mental health.

It is touch and go. Daylyt is known to use his social media platforms to troll.   However, based on his relationship with Ab-Soul, many believe that there is substance attached to this seemingly heartfelt shoutout.  Daylyt is featured at the end of Ab-Soul’s These Days album where the two lyricists dissed each other in a rap battle. The one rounder showed the two artists go bar-for-bar, surrounded by TDE affiliates reacting to each punch line as if on the URL stage.  It is well documented Ab-Soul’s affinity for the art form.

You can you see Ab-Soul at many battle rap events in Los Angeles,  mostly to support his friend Daylyt spar against other emcees like emerging Harlem rapper and Wild N’ Out regular, Charlie Clips.

At a young age, Ab-Soul developed the rare disease Stevens-Johnson’s Syndrome which Soul says made his eyes extremely sensitive to sunlight forcing him to wear shades.  The disease also made his lips permanently darker, which is where the nickname “Black Lip Pastor” comes from.

None of Ab-Soul’s label mates have yet to post on Social Media about Ab-Soul’s health issue and whether or not its related to his Stevens-Johnson syndrome. I’m sure in the near future there will be updates on this.

Ab-Soul released his Do What Thou Wilt album back in 2016. Since then, Soul has been pretty under the radar leaving fans wondering how is he doing. Daylyt apparently has shared with us the most recent update.

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