5 years ago today, we lost our very own rap renaissance man.

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Courtney Jamal Dewar also known as Capital Steez or King Capital was born and raised in Brooklyn, N.Y. and was only 19 years old when he took his own life.  Although his life was cut short in age, Steez lived his full life tremendously through a higher power. He enlightened the world through his music, thought provoking statements, and his infectious smile. Jamal possessed a mind that many didn’t understand, but that never stopped him from living out loud and becoming who he truly was destined to be.

While attending Edward R. Murrow high school, Capital Steez founded the hip hop group Pro Era; short for Progressive Era along with fellow Brooklyn rappers Joey Bada$$, CJ Fly, and Power Pleasant bringing back that east coast boom bap sound back to mainstream. Having grown since the passing of Steez, with over 20 group members; Pro Era now features rappers, photographers, designers, and producers. Jamal was the youngest of his siblings Tamara, Tanya and Jamelia, an amazing son to his mom Charmaine, loving brother, great uncle, and  friend and to many of his fans; a Prophet.


Steez had a unique way with words. Through his music we gained insight on ourselves, and the world that we live in.

In honor of Capital steez, here are his top 5 verses of his career.


“It’s indigo’s in rotation bringing amethyst, Must be out your cranium to even try to aim at this. I can’t be a Satanist; I don’t know who Satan is. They thought that I would die but I survived off spinach. Macho man, Popeye did it, and I know you looking down, so pop I did it.”


“I’m flowin’ like a volcano and drippin’ verse off the top; dirty cops still swervin’ on the block. Lookin’ for black kids, that spittin’ up acid; it’s in my jeans so don’t worry what my pants is. Get with the script, it’s that ignorant shit, and they bound to get sick of us quick but I ain’t sealin’ my lips.”

Free the Robots:

“And instead of stickin’ up for each other, we pickin’ up guns and stickin’ up our brothers. So f—k em all, I’m comin’ through ragin’, and I won’t stop til Reagan is caged in. Moms tell me I should let the Lord handle it. The arm of the law is tryin’ to man handle us. A man’s world, but a white man’s planet, and the doors are slowly closing while we fallin’ through the cracks of it.”

Survival Tactics:

“New gats, booby traps, and bazooka straps; better play your cards right, no booster packs. Everybody claim they used to rap, but these ain’t even punchlines no more. I’m abusing tracks; I’m in Marty McFly mode, so tell em’ that the future’s back.”

Like Water:

“And I quote, we came like them n—as in boats, still think it’s a joke? Your third eye vision is broke. We lifted from smoke and floating, that’s how I got my aura open. Check the horoscopes though; you could say I’m horror scoping.”

Steez’s life will continue to be celebrated throughout his music, family and friends, as well as his annual event Steez Day and much more to come including his long awaited release of his debut studio album King Capital.

Long Live Steelo.