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Words by Roman White

Independent singer and Trump supporter, Joy Villa, is accusing former Trump Campaign Manager, Corey Lewandowski of sexual misconduct and groping.

In an interview with Politico, Villa claims that during a holiday party last November at the Trump International Hotel in Washington, Lewandowski repeatedly “slapped her behind.” The 31-year-old artist says that Lewandowski dismissed her “half-joking” threat to report him for sexual harassment by saying, “Go ahead, I work in the private sector.” This singer claims that this was her first time ever meeting the former CNN contributor.

Prior to groping her, Villa says that Lewandowski seemed more dismissive of her.


When asked to take a picture with the singer, Lewandowski rolled his eyes but did eventually agree to take the picture with her. An anonymous source and friend of Villa confirmed this story with Politico. Lewandowski has yet to respond to this claim.

Lewandowski was the first of three campaign managers that Donald Trump had during the campaign. He was fired by Trump somewhat early in the campaign and replaced with Paul Manafort who was also fired when reports of ties with Russia started to come out. Manafort was replaced with Kellyanne Conway who became the first woman to manage winning Presidential campaign.

Joy Villa first came into the spotlight at the Grammy’s last year when she wore a “Make America Great Again” dress inspired by Donald Trump’s campaign slogan. The “I Make the Static” artist saw sales of her album spike pushing her to number one on Amazon after wearing the Andre Soriano designed dress which she also wore in her music video for the song “Make America Great Again.”

Claims of sexual harassment is nothing new to the Trump team as the President himself has had numerous accusations of sexual misconduct raised against him in the past year. Trump has denied these claims, but did apologize for a leaked recording of Trump detailing a sexual assault on an Access Hollywood bus. Trump has said that he never committed any of the claims on the tape and dismissed it as “locker room talk.”