Azealia Banks is still at it with the extreme antics with celebrities, and this time it’s with Beyoncé. Yesterday on Instagram, Azealia wrote a letter to Beyoncé apologizing for her past actions, while showing gratitude. Back in 2016, Banks criticized Yonce’s album Lemonade, accused her of selling her soul and over pricing tickets for her tour. Azealia tweeted,

“Just six months ago you told every black girl in the industry to ‘bow down’ now you want to stick up for black folk lol.  You can’t sell your soul then try to get it back LOL. That’s not how it works. She made a song about big noses and hot sauce then put up a tour charging $1300 to people she knows damn sure can’t afford that.”

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Banks has made numerous attempts to communicate with Beyoncé via social media including her most recent. She expressed a different attitude towards the “Lemonade” singer.

“@Beyonce, I apologize for throwing tantrums in the past. They totally came from a place of feeling left out.. you’ve inspired so much of the way I think about/value you myself as a performer and I ADORE you. Your presence in the art world  and on earth is supernatural and am so so so inspired by you.”


There’s no telling with Azealia if something sparked this sudden change of heart, or if she just woke up in a good mood, but we’re glad to see that she was able to move on. Beyoncé has yet to respond.