The lyrically savvy Rapsody of Roc Nation sparked an abundance of wonders when she earned two Grammy nominations last month thanks to her leading-edge album, Laila’s Wisdom. The 9th Wonder produced album is currently nominated for Best Rap Album and the album’s single “Sassy” caught a nomination for Best Rap Song and the visual is finally out!

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Hip-hop fans on social media made attempts to question the legitimacy of the North Carolina emcee’s Grammy nominations, not realizing the actuality of her lyrical prowess. “Sassy,” which is produced by The Soul Council’s Eric G who crafts the song’s measure with an uptempo texture, is a grand exhibit of Rapsody’s ability to smoothly enter a lyrical circumference while maintaining her one of a kind accord.

Many may think the track is solely about the bold and full spirited female, but according to the visual, it also narrates the act of jumping out of your comfort zone, gaining confidence, and drowning yourself into amusement.


The video starts off with a skit, where you’ll see Rapsody’s impressive acting skills come into play as she convinces her homegirl to live in the moment and join her for a lively friends night out. It is the ideal night out on the town with your homies. Rap’s homies hop in her drop-top buggy, head to a boisterous house jam, and end the night with a dine out at a local conventional open-after-midnight diner. The G-Funked soulful bop frames Rapsody’s strength to creatively craft melodies that bring forth diverse subject matters.

Watch the video for Rapsody’s Grammy-nominated “Sassy,” below.