It’s Christmas eve and everyone seems to be in great spirits; including rappers Young MA and Safaree. This evening the two engaged in a friendly Dance hall dance battle. Now we know Safaree for breaking out into dance at any given moment, also from back in the days when he used to part take in Flex N Brooklyn; a showcase in Brooklyn that hosted talented dancers who mastered the ‘bruk up’, and ‘limb locking’ varieties of rhythmic contortions born in the Caribbean island of Jamaica.  This also caused him to be a target for rapper Meek Mill after being accused of foul play after an old dance video began to circulate.

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In the video, you can see Safaree in one of his many fur coats, pop locking, and gliding and ‘drawing guns’; a common move to throw shots to your opponent.


Young MA responded back with a more laid back approach. As she pulled up a track from the King of Dance hall, Beenie Man, she hit Safaree with a popular Caribbean move called the ‘heel and toe.’

Let’s keep this good energy flowing right into the New Year! Happy Holidays.