This is the softest you’ve ever seen him.

Two weeks ago (Dec. 15), Joe Budden and his better half, Cyn Santana welcomed their first son, Lexington Budden into the world. On Christmas Eve, Budden shared a heartwarming video of himself sharing a dance with his newborn son, in the company of the sounds of The Isley Brothers‘ “For the Love of You.”

The Slaughterhouse emcee is clearly unbothered about his impromptu, involuntary departure from Complex‘s hit YouTube morning show Everyday Struggle. He has been swimming in the heights of fatherhood, and undoubtedly, is passionately infatuated with his newborn baby and his better half, which is evident towards the end of sweet father and son post, “PS. The Dad belly is REAL!!!”

“Oh hey world” ?

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In the meantime, his better half, Cyn, who referred to Budden as her husband on the day their son was born via Twitter, is embracing her profound motherhood, dealing with postpartum cravings while simultaneously mastering the milf snap back. Not only is she enjoying the presence of her first baby, but she is also adamant about vouching for what her husband called “injustice” plagued by Complex.

Lil momma trynna get her groove back ??‍♀️ loving my top from: @fashionnova

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Now, if Joe Budden and Cyn Santana have tied the knot, then congratulations are certainly in order! The husband and wife references have been live ever since the birth of their son. This is perhaps, the happiest the world has ever seen Budden, especially with his unapologetic raw appeal the world tends to remain in recognition of.

His impact on Everyday Struggle was so grand, many have questioned the livelihood of the show. Well, the future of Joe Budden as an overall personality is certainly not in question. Starting early next year, Budden will be hitting another dimension of the microphone. He has hit the stand up circuit has already locked in a residency, early, at Highline Ballroom, under the title, Joe Budden: Oh, What a Night! The show will occur once a month for the first three months of the new year, so far.

2018 is looking mighty bright for the Buddens!