In case you were wondering if Lloyd Banks still got it, here’s proof that he hasn’t lost a step. Banks recently dropped a freestyle entitled, “End of an Era.”

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The Queens native unveiled the track on Instagram with a caption that read, “Had to make sure I have your attention..” The violins that make up the beat sounds like a hive of bees buzzing, and Banks is sure to capture your attention with the jewels he drops.

Ringing on your line like what’s your favorite scary movie/Terrorizing here to Sydney tap your kidney with the toolie/I’ma need my fuckin money like sours told by Mookie/Have you jumping out the windows hopping fences likes the stookies,” Banks raps.


Lloyd continues to do what he does best, and continue to add more slick wordplay, “We don’t go for threats so watch the way to talk around me/Better pump your fucking break I’ll have to park you like Jabari/Yeah y’all came in like gorillas ’till they stomped you out the party/Trying to show off for these bitches playing sponsor out her probably.”

“End of an Era” appears to be the beginning of a 10-song series, which means we will be getting more music in the near future. In the meantime, listen to his new freestyle below.