After admitting to slowing down old iPhones when new ones drop, Apple took another L. Reddit user, isaiahskrtskrt, discovered that Siri couldn’t identify the third member of the Migos, Takeoff.

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When he asked Siri, “Who are the members of the Migos?” the voice enable assistant answered, “The members of the Migos are Quavo and Offset.”


YouTube user JumpmanGerm included the brief video above displaying the intelligent personal assistant’s shortcoming. Siri has access to Wikipedia, and the trio’s music is definitely available on iTunes and Apple Music, so it’s shocking that she doesn’t know all the members of the group. She must’ve thought that he got left off of “Bad and Boujee” too.

However, what’s even more hilarious is when you ask Siri who is Takeoff and she responds with the name of 2017 drama Take Off starring Parvathy and Fahadh Faasil.

Apple better get it together soon because we all know how Takeoff feels about feeling left out of something.