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Words by Roman White

Kanye West may have won the title for best Christmas gift this year.

Yeezy got his wife, Kim Kardashian, a really creative set of gifts to say the least. Kim added an IG story unveiling the set of gifts that Kanye got her.

Kim opened the first box which contained a Mickey Mouse stuffed animal, a $60 Netflix gift card, 3 pairs of Adidas socks, a pair of Apple Air pods and a $100 Amazon gift. To any average family this would be an awesome gift but coming from Kanye West to Kim Kardashian, this seems less than extravagant.


But there was more…

The first box was a teaser for what was to come in this second box. In the second box of goodies, Kim found stocks to all of the companies previously mentioned. There was stock to Amazon to go along with the gift card, stock to Netflix, stock to Apple where Kanye got the Air pods, Adidas stock where Kanye also sells his shoes and where the gifted socks were purchased and lastly Disney stock to match the Mickey Mouse stuffed animal.

Kanye’s purchases show a whole new level of spreading the holiday cheer.

While most celebrities treat family members and spouses to new cars, houses, jewelry etc., (which is a very lavish gift as well) Kanye is securing a future bag for his family by investing in some of the biggest companies in the country.

We’re not sure what Kim gifted Kanye this year, but he really set the bar high for his wife. Although, I’m sure Kimye’s third child via surrogate is more than enough gift for the G.O.O.D. Music CEO. It was revealed in mid-November that the parents of North and Saint West will be adding a second daughter to the Kardashian-West family. Kimye has not yet decided a name for their third child.