After the Seattle Seahawks beat the Dallas Cowboys 21-12, Seahawks’ Earl Thomas felt the need to shoot his shot to the Cowboys’ Head Coach Jason Garrett.

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Thomas’ comment to Garrett came after the Seahawks beat Dallas 21-12 at AT&T Stadium on Sunday to keep their playoff hopes alive. Cameras showed Thomas running after Garrett and then telling him, “If y’all got the chance to come get me, come get me!”

Thomas later confirmed that’s what he told Garrett but clarified that he didn’t necessarily mean anytime soon. Thomas, 28, grew up in Orange, Texas, and has talked in the past about how much it means to him to play against the team he rooted for as a child.


When Thomas signed a four-year, $40 million contract extension in 2015, it made him the highest-paid safety in the league. And in the Pete Carroll-John Schneider era, the Seahawks have never extended a player with two or more years remaining on his contract.

The NFL isn’t a loyal business. If management can dictate your moves and your money isn’t guaranteed, then who are we to judge when a player express interest in his options.