On Christmas Day, Swizz Beatz and his family shared their Christmas festivities on Instagram, and they celebrated Bronx style.

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They started off with dinner and dancing of course, then played an intense game of musical chairs with a bumping playlist of Carribean and African music. In a clip, you can hear Swizz as the commentator, laying down all the rules, and you can see Alicia Keys and the kids show off their dance moves, as they race to secure a seat.


Soon after, the party kicked up and the living room turned into ‘The Dean Zone’ and the super producer and his family brought skate key back. They were playing 70’s music and flashing disco lights lit up, as they roller skated all throughout the room in style. Swizz was killing it in his batman onesie, but his mom definitely stole the show with her smooth moves. Can you say Christmas goals?