MC Lyte was in the hot seat after she said that there’s a thin line between flirting and sexual harassment. She suggested that the line is determined by the person’s level of attraction to the other. “Sexual harassment or flirting – probably determined whether she likes him,” she wrote in the caption for an Instagram post. “Some of y’all flirt on Monday to get what you want and then when he/she flirts on Friday and you mad?!”

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Lyte took to Instagram to clear the air, saying that her comment was taken out of context.

My last post was taken out of context. I was talking about flirting in the workspace. Is it cool, or is it not? I actually met my first boyfriend working at Chi Chi’s Mexican restaurant, and I know plenty of people who have met at work, started dating and wound up getting married. So of course sexual harassment is completely unacceptable, but it’s very different from flirting. I still believe that the rules of engagement need to be discussed.

People interpreted her original post as a dismissal of systemic sexism in the workplace, which has been a hot topic in the wake of sexual allegations against Hollywood executives, and moguls. However, the emcee, whose lyrical content is noted for representing women empowerment, wanted her fans to know that she doesn’t tolerate sexual harassment.


Check out MC Lyte’s explanation below: