Words by Shurida Lundi

New Year, New Me? The new year brings a fresh start for everyone with new resolutions to accomplish throughout the year. One thing we do know is that health and being fit will forever be many people’s number 1 resolution.

For the ladies, genetically it is harder to lose weight compared to men. Having body goals and seeing our favorite celebrities with bodies to die for like Teyana Taylor, Beyoncé and J. Lo, we turn to social media to help achieve similar bodies.

Here are some ladies to start following now to help motivate you to be the best you and to do it naturally! These women also share tips in the kitchen and videos of them working out.

So whether you’re a new mom, in college trying to get rid of that freshman 15, just broke up with your boyfriend and looking to get your groove back, or looking to get rid of Tina the talking tummy, these ladies are here to help. Check out our list of 10 fitness influencers to follow on Instagram.

10. @Bodybyneeks

9. @Pita.grace

8. @massy.arias

7. @capricurves

6. @xxcocochanel

5. @imnicb

4. @brittnebabe

#BrittneBABE21DayChallenge Christmas Abs ??❄️? Working out with my BFF Santa ???MERRY CHRISTMAS from me to you ?? ____ 1. Alternating Oblique Twist Crunch 2. Leg Lift – Crunch 3. Reverse Lunge – Oblique Twist (both sides) 4. Side to Side Leg Lower 5. Reverse Plank Leg Lift – Crunch 6. V-Up 7. Alternating Elbow Knee Plank Tap 8. Push Up Cross – Push Up Tuck 9. Boat Crunch 10. Repeat for as longggg as you can or want. Have fun & MERRY CHRISTMAS! ?? #brittnebabe @brittnebabe ____ ?Visit BrittneBabe.com & SIGN UP for ?ROUND 3? of my Online 21 Day Challenge Volume V. Includes FULL HD Workout Videos, 3 Week Training Guide (body & free weight), Home Workouts, 21 Daily Menu Plans, Shopping List, Meal Guide, Recipes, Group Support www.BrittneBabe.com/21daychallenge/

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3. @anowaadjah

Transitions: For fear of ridicule, we tend to show the results but never the struggle. In March of this year I pulled my hamstring. The doctors recommended physical therapy but I opted to heal myself. After months of consistent stretching, strength building and moments of mental recluse. I’m at about 95%. It takes a little over a year to recover from this type of hamstring injury, but this shows you the healing power our body possesses when we treat it well. I’m bloated from Mother Nature? but I still chose to share this moment because we are not perfect. Sidebar: My flexibility is self-taught. Yoga is my safe haven ❤️. If you love my tights feel free to purchase them from @getlukafit ! Use code ANOWA to get 10% off!

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2. @ladydork

The pose that started it all. The scorpion pose ?. I remember seeing this pose for the first time in 2013 and I was like “this is not yoga ?, I thought this was yoga ➡️??‍♀️???” lol I didn’t know anything about yoga and Instagram introduced me to it. I don’t know why this pose intrigued me but something about It made me want to do it. I knew it would be challenging but I didn’t really care. I just wanted to figure out how to do it. I didn’t know how where to start? My upper body strength was weak, I had average flexibility … sooooo ?. So it was time to hit the gym and work on my core, and I did. I worked out 3 to 4 times a week working on my upper body (with no weights) . Then I started to just randomly try out beginner poses that would work on my core and back flexibility. I didn’t have a set routine, I was just practicing and having fun with my journey. For 10 months straight, I was self teaching at home and figuring things out as I go. Then, I surprised myself when I finally was able to do the scorpion pose. ? It was at that very moment, that I decided I wanted to learn more about yoga. Because while I was focusing on getting the scorpion pose, I also noticed that my emotional state has shifted. I noticed that I was happier, more driven and more at ease. I would spend hours practicing and get lost in the moment. I loved the feeling. Here I am at the end of 2017, as I’m looking back at my old videos and pictures, I am reminded of those moments that lead to the scorpion pose. Reminded of why I fell in love with yoga and what I have accomplished since that day. It literally gives me butterflies thinking about everything from the moment I saw a challenge on IG to where now I have made it my career. It also reminds me that whatever I put my mind to along with my efforts, I am able to accomplish more than I can ever imagine. I share this with you, hopefully to inspire you to get up and go after whatever it is you always wanted to do and DON’T GET in your OWN WAY by discouraging yourself and saying that you can’t do it because YOU CAN. You just have to do it and not associate fear or doubt with it! Love and light to y’all my friends! ?✨

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1. @magdacivil

Link in Sign UP in BIO! STARTS JAN 12th

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