If you have been following B.o.B on social media for some time, he appears to have a profound interest in conspiracy theories. He tends to have a severe habit of combining conspiracy theories with proven truths, often, displaying contradicting rhetoric, revealing his confusion on some subjects. This is mostly due to the reality that B.o.B is currently in his first stage of being “woke,” which is evident in his style of expression.

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One of his most noted conspiracy theories is that of a flat planet Earth. In recent times, the multi-talent went on Twitter to combat the scholarship of Neil deGrasse Tyson and Nasa, and even went on to write a diss track aimed towards the legendary astrophysicist, “Flatline.” Luckily, Tyson has a nephew named Stephen who got bars and they responded with the track “Flat to Fact.” He also responded the B.o.b during a television segment, shutting down his flat Earth belief: “It’s a fundamental fact of calculus and non-Euclidean geometry: Small sections of large curved surfaces will always look flat to little creatures that crawl upon it … And by the way, this is called gravity.”

Not to mention, the “Nothin’ On You” rapper has dropped a string of mixtapes where he addresses his findings on mostly conspiracy theories, social matters, and politics. He has even taken his journey to proving his flat Earth belief to the extreme by launching a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds to launch a satellite.


Well, Bill Nye, yes, the science guy, just like Tyson, is not here for B.o.b’s false rhetoric. In a recent interview with Complex, the iconic science educator completely debunked the flat Earth myth.


“The dismissal of so much human knowledge is crystallized that the Earth might be flat. It’s just saying, everyone we came before me is a dumbass and that’s wrong,” says Nye. “The passion, beauty, and joy – the PB&J of science – is you can do it for yourself. It’s not man, woman. It’s not recently from Africa, recently from Europe. It’s true for everyone—the Earth goes around the sun, the Earth is a ball.”


When asked what the gravity of a flat Earth will be, Nye’s scholarship prompted him to immediately dismiss the thought, simply because it is impossible.


“Completely inconsistent with all the physics we know.”

Nye also uses Issac Newton’s law of universal gravitation (F=GmM/r2-F represents the gravitational force of attraction, r-separation of the masses) to prove why the planet Earth is not flat.


“You don’t get an r2 without a sphere. The Earth is not flat people!”


After being informed about B.o.b’s mission to launch a satellite to prove his theory, the science legend gave the young rapper advice and assigned him a challenge.

“Before you do that, why don’t you consider joining the Planetary Society. We will have cameras that will take pictures of the Earth and you can decide for yourself.”

The challenge: “B.o.b, come to Cape Canaveral for the launch of LightSail 2, and we can have a meeting about your flat Earth.”

Nye also invites Kyrie Irving to tag along with Bobby Ray. Well, can you challenge the scholarship of Bill Nye the Science Guy? Probably not. But, at the rate B.o.b has been going, there’s a slight chance he will either accept Nye’s challenge or literally try to challenge him, similar to his act towards Tyson. Is B.o.b ready to be proven wrong about his flat Earth beliefs, once and for all?

Watch Bill Nye’s interview with Complex, below.