Isaiah Thomas is ready to make his Cleveland Cavalier debut in a week or two. He is also ready to move on from constantly talking about the trade that sent him to Cleveland.

Thomas is clearly still frustrated with how the Celtics used him up for a conference finals run, and discarded him like yesterday’s paper for what they considered an upgrade in Kyrie Irving.

He’s also getting fed up with backlash he’s been receiving for publicly expressing how hurt he was when everything went down:


It’s hard to say what exactly prompted this particular set of tweets. Maybe it was one question too many, maybe it was one particularly invasive one, but the fact that they’re being asked makes a lot of sense. Thomas gave one of the most heartfelt playoff performances that the NBA has ever seen last postseason. The city of Boston rallied around him in a way that may never be replicated. And after all of that, he got traded.

As Thomas continues to work his way back, he will see more basketball-related questions. However, as it stands, all that anyone can do now is wonder when he’ll see the floor and how he’s jelling with his new team.

Thomas needs to put Boston in his  rear view mirror. The league isn’t loyal and at the end of the day, it’s just business.