Sometimes keeping it real can go very wrong, especially in front of your lady.

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Jalen Rose was asked for his opinion on James Harrison‘s decision to sign with the Patriots this week. Harrison was until recently a member of the Steelers, which led a lot of NFL fans to accuse him of not being faithful to his former team when he signed with one of their rivals. And while you could argue both sides of that coin, Rose was quick to point out that most people are “only as faithful as their options.”

Here is where things got interesting when  Jalen made those comments.


ESPN employees Jalen Rose and Molly Qerim are dating. They’ve actually been dating for quite some time now. So when he said those comments in real time, Molly gave a real time side eye.

Those watching at home were quick to pick up on the brief moment of tension between Rose and Qerim.


Not to say Jalen was in the right or wrong, but to say that in your woman’s presence, that’s way brave. To his credit it, he is right. Harrison was a free agent with options. Classic case of don’t shot the messenger.