Days after Christmas, LeBron James still isn’t happy about the non foul call, towards the end of the Cavaliers vs Warriors game.

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Following the loss to the Golden State Warriors on Christmas Day, there has been much conversation surrounding how the final couple of minutes of the contest played out.

The bulk of this centered on the “no call” on what looked to be contact made by Warriors forward Kevin Durant on LeBron James during a drive to the basketball with 30 seconds left.


Referee Derrick Stafford initially signaled it as the Cavs’ ball, but his call was overturned after the review, and the Warriors were awarded the possession.

Prior to Wednesday’s game against the Sacramento Kings, James voiced frustration with the explanation he received from the referees.

When asked if officials should be allowed to retroactively assess a foul that was originally a no call if they see it while undergoing a replay review, James said, “I believe so.”

There is much credence to James stating that he is sometimes officiated differently than other players because of his size and strength that make it hard at times for opponents to truly deter him from driving to the rim. This, along with the moment in the game that it occurred, may have made harder for the referee to make the call.

LeBron is averaging 28 points per game this season, but for some reason doesn’t get many calls when driving to the point. Nothing wrong with LeBron airing out his frustrations. Expect James to really start attacking the paint, knowing all eyes will be on the officials to make the right call now.