Words by Miss2Bees and Shurida Lundi

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2017 was a year to remember. The year skipped zero and went straight to 100 right at the very beginning once Donald Trump was elected president. Despite his transparent views on minorities and immigration, he received a surprising amount of support from figures who are apart of urban communities. Many argued that their support for the POTUS was a strategy aimed to bridge the gap between him and the people. But Donald has proven that he’s more interested in building walls, instead of building bridges.

A few Trump supporters have apologized for their actions after receiving public backlash, but they were still uninvited to the cook out this year. On the other hand, other celebrities have publicly humiliated themselves, and/or displayed blatant ignorance, which led to their invitation being revoked also.


Check out The Source’s list of 10 celebs who were uninvited to the cookout in 2017:

1. Chrisette Michele

10 Celebrities Who Were Uninvited to the Cookout in 2017

With much opposition, singer Chrisette Michele performed at the Inaugural Ball for President Donald Trump earlier this year and got her black card revoked. She got on the Breakfast Club and stated she regretted everything and it was a bad choice. Initially she took the $250,000 gig in order to be a “bridge for a divided nation” and it backfired. She then tried to sneak her way back into our lives with her song “Black Lives Matter,” but it was too late.

2. Tina Campbell of Mary Mary

10 Celebrities Who Were Uninvited to the Cookout in 2017

Tina revealed that she voted for Trump in the election. She said that she wasn’t happy with either choice for President, however, some of Trump’s views on Christianity aligned with her which helped make her decision. She said we should pray for him. Her vote not only got her uninvited to the cookout but rumor has it that she wasn’t invited to Oprah’s Gospel Brunch. Tina’s sister Erica was there though.

3. Omarosa Manigault

10 Celebrities Who Were Uninvited to the Cookout in 2017

Being hired as the Director of African-American outreach by Trump due to her “loyalty” and has nothing to show for it. Why is Omarosa uninvited to the cookout? Because, she has done nothing for the black community. She has not once spoke up about racist comments from her former boss about NFL players and their right to protest. She remained silent through attacks from Trump against Black women like Jemele Hill and Myeshia Johnson. Well Omarosa, what goes around comes back around because now “you’re fired.”

4. Stacey Dash 

10 Celebrities Who Were Uninvited to the Cookout in 2017

Where do we start with Stacey Dash? She’s been uninvited to the cookout for some time now but she continues to keep up the antics. From claiming that BET and Black History Month do not need to exist back in 2016 to calling actor Jesse Williams a plantation slave, it’s safe to say Stacey Dash won’t even be invited to the block. She also came for everyone’s favorite Auntie Maxine Waters by calling her a “corrupt media buffoon who was sucking up her late in life 15 minutes.” Let’s not forget she supports Trump and donated to his presidential campaign.

5. Kodak Black

10 Celebrities Who Were Uninvited to the Cookout in 2017

When asked if he would date KeKe Palmer on Instagram Live, he said “Keke Palmer, she straight. I’d bag her, but I don’t really like black girls like that, sorta, kinda.” He would rather date women like Taylor Swift and Jennifer Lopez. He tried to justify his statement by saying I love African-American women, it’s just not his forte to deal with a darkskinned one. As if that wasn’t enough, when he got sick of the backlash, he went back on Instagram to say “I only like redbones. I love black African Americans, but I don’t like black b-tches. … I like yellow h*es.” Kodak should take a look in the mirror, as he isn’t the fairest of them all when it comes to skin tone.

6. Steve Harvey

10 Celebrities Who Were Uninvited to the Cookout in 2017

At the top of the year, the comedian and game show host, visited President-elect Donald Trump which received opposition from the urban community. Reports claim that Harvey’s business ventures are consequently suffering.

7. Tyrese

Tyrese spent a large portion of the year making a fool of himself on social media. After getting ethered for his unsolicited dating advice, he lied and claimed Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith gave him $5 million to stay off social media, but he continued to login and publicly humiliate himself in the midst of his legal custody battle.

8. Gabby Douglas

Gymnast Gabby Douglas was under fire for apparently victim-shaming Olympic teammate Aly Raisman who said she was a victim of sexual assault. Douglas tweeted, “It is our responsibility as women to dress modestly and be classy. Dressing in a provocative/sexual way entices the wrong crowd.” After Douglas deleted the tweet, she admitted that she’s also a victim of the Gymnastics doctor, but the revelation only further complicated the situation.

9. Charles Barkley

10 Celebrities Who Were Uninvited to the Cookout in 2017

Charles Barkley has no filter, but he officially got uninvited to the cookout after taking a jab at the entire Black female demographic in Alabama. Black women single-handedly saved the Alabama Senate elections, and Barkley peppered in some ignorance and stereotypes after pledging $1 million to them. “That does not mean hair salons and restaurants black women,” the NBA Hall of Famer said. If you thought that wasn’t enough to uninvite him, on top of supporting Donald Trump, he mocked the tax cut, “Sorry, poor people.”

10. Kanye West

10 Celebrities Who Were Uninvited to the Cookout in 2017

Kanye met with the POTUS in December to discuss “multicultural issues” in his hometown but received backlash from his fans and music friends. He even admitted that he didn’t vote, but if he did he would’ve casted his vote for Trump. While all of these actions were disheartening considering his recent breakdown, Ye’s invitation to the cookout will be re-sent next year, especially if we’re gifted with new music.