Framingham, Massachusetts bred emcee J-Bizz is a Hip Hop Tour De Force. Many are describing him as Hip-Hop’s emerging artist to watch. He is one of the most compelling and inspiring new Hip-hop artists creating music today. His intense energy and undeniable flair capture his listeners. The Rap Juggernaut won the “Peoples Choice Award” at the very first New England Hip Hop Awards.

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Equally important, J-Bizz sits at the helm of the entertainment company called “Bizzness Class.” The dynamic rhyme slinger delivers a unique blend of style and substance that rarely exists in today’s rap scene. He describes his music as “Hip Hop Hope.” With a sound and delivery all his own, J-Bizz continues to craft rewind-worthy rhymes that reveal increasingly clever wordplay upon repeat listens. He has the lyrics and production to captivate mainstream audiences without sacrificing intelligence.

Music is more than theory and melody, it’s the power to make and change lives. J-Bizz’ music is epic, enthralling, and thought provoking. He fuses brash bars with introspective rhymes about the harsh realities of life. Yet he offers hope and inspiration for the underdogs. The New England emcee is currently riding high with his critically acclaimed EP entitled “Personal Bizzness.”


The EP captures the true essence of Hip Hop. There are dope lyrics and plenty of food for thought on the release. Moreover, J-Bizz set up his own headlining 5 city tour a month before the release of the EP. The project itself takes you on a journey into the mind of an emcee who has love for his craft and his genre. Overall it’s just good heartfelt music. Standout tracks on the EP include “Grown Man,” “Woke” and “Peace.”