Words by Roman White

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Aside from DJ Khaled, Plies may have the funniest presence on social media constantly tackling topics of interest like family, relationships and current events. In a hilarious Instagram post, Plies insists that Papa John’s Pizza needs to call it quits. The Florida rapper makes jokes about Papa John’s new 2 pizzas for the price of one promotion they are advertising on television. Plies didn’t take to kindly to the new promotion and fired off all his jokes on social media.

“So Papa John’s y’all just ain’t gonna give up on this s**t, y’all just ain’t gonna throw in the towel on this s**t,” said Plies. “Somebody just showed me the commercial they doing 2 for 1. Two for one? We don’t even want one. It could be two for none, we still don’t want it.”

Plies criticisms of the pizza franchise come after controversial remarks by former Papa John’s CEO “Papa” John Schnatter who claims that the lack of leadership in the NFL was to blame for Papa John’s declining sales. Papa John’s is a longtime partner of the NFL.


The NFL’s declining viewership could be for various reasons like rule changes that fans dislike, National Anthem protests, and the President’s criticisms of the NFL. But Schnatter has said that players kneeling for the national anthem is the reason the NFL’s ratings are hurting and because the NFL responded poorly to the protests. Schnatter believes that the NFL allowing players to kneel during the National Anthem, a form of protest started by former San Francisco 49ers Quarterback Colin Kaepernick, is to blame for the decline in ratings.

Schnatter was widely criticized for these comments that he later walked back. It was also reported that the Alt-Right, a radical xenophobic right wing group, made Papa John’s the official pizza of the Alt-Right. This led to Papa John’s dismissing any support from the alt-right and eventually leading Schnatter to step down as CEO.

According to Plies, Papa John’s is attempting to redeem itself after this controversy with new promotions to which Plies is uninterested.