After fighting for her life for approximately one week after suffering from a severe heart attack, Erica Garner has passed away at the tender age of 27.

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Erica Garner became a distinguished activist after her father, Eric Garner was killed by a white NYPD officer on a Staten Island block via an illegal choke hold. He was only 43 years old.

The brutal murder of her father triggered a nationwide out pour of rage and radiated a pushing call for justice for the Garner family.


Out of Garner’s six children, Erica was the most politically moved and proceeded to go on a mission to gain justice for her family, becoming a renowned advocate against police brutality.

The headstrong activist gave birth to a healthy baby boy in August, but her first cardiac arrest episode followed the pregnancy due to unforeseen complications. Doctors discovered her heart had become enlarged due to the tension brought on by the pregnancy.

Last Saturday (Dec. 23), Garner suffered from her second heart attack which was triggered by an asthma attack, sending her into a coma the following day, Christmas Eve.

The news was announced on her official Twitter account which was taken over by a close family friend who vowed to use the account as an outlet to provide updates on Erica’s condition.

Erica was hospitalized at Woodhull Hospital in Brooklyn for the past week and was surrounded by friends and family who owned dire hopes for her recovery.

Three days later, Garner’s official Twitter account issued an update stating doctors found that Erica experienced severe brain damage due to an oxygen deficiency while she was in cardiac arrest, followed by continued prayer requests.

The following day, Thursday (Dec. 28), reports surfaced that she was declared brain dead by doctors and the reports were immediately debunked by Erica’s family and friends, who also expressed their discontentment with the falsehood of mainstream media.

Journalist, Shaun King conducted his due diligence and went to visit Erica and her family at Woodhull Hospital and reported though her brain was functioning on a limited pace, doctors saw some activity. He immediately declared to the masses “Do not write her obituary.”

This morning (Dec. 30), Erica Garner’s official Twitter account confirmed her passing with an introduction on her worldly impact and magnetic effort to gain justice for not only her own family, but police brutality victims worldwide.

Out of respect for Erica Garner and her iconic battle for justice against police brutality which is primarily an act mostly people of color in the United States of America are experiencing, the family has requested for only Black journalists to request for their commentary.

The legacy of Erica Garner is one that will go down in history as one of the most genuine revolutionary quests of the millennial age. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of Erica Garner during this extremely difficult time.




RIP – Erica Garner, daughter of NYC police chokehold victim Eric Garner, had a heat attack on Christmas Eve. Today she has passed away. She was 27 years old. While I never got to meet her face to face, Erica and I became friends on twitter. After living thru the tragedy that killed her father, she became a powerful and important voice for activism. She took on the police dept, she spoke around the country and she never hesitated to correct racists and liars in the digital space. People say I go hard on twitter but Erica went harder than me and often inspired me and supported me. She was fierce, passionate and on mission. She has been taken too soon. I felt like she was a kindred spirit and I will truly miss her. Erica Garner will forever be our soldier. Let's pray for the Garner family.

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