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At the beginning of the month, news was revealed that rap icon Nas and his ex-wife Kelis were going through a rough patch regarding their son, Knight. Nas claimed previously that Kelis prevents him from seeing their child and as a result Nas has taken the issue to court to establish a schedule with Kelis. TMZ reported that Nas wants help from a family court judge’s to assist in determining an equitable custody agreement as Kelis has become hostile in their current arrangement. The “Hate Me Now” emcee has attempted to settle this outside of court however, it is alleged that Kelis has been uncooperative.

If Nas had his way, he would like to have Knight on the first, third and fifth weekend of each month from the time school ends on Friday to Monday morning. Nas also claims that Kelis has been extremely strict with the time that he spends with Knight by wanting to know exactly where, when and how long Nas and Knight can spend time together.

Hopefully, this couple will be able to settle their issues.