Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs wears many hats but one that we all can benefit from is that of  motivational speaker. Rooted in the spirit of “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop”,  his strong belief system and faith, grounds his daily affirmations and inspires us all. Have you ever considered where Mr. Combs gets his inspiration? His children? His music? His business? His church? All of those would be right. He also is inspired by art- and being a Puff Daddy muse can change your life.

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Ask Pierre Jean-Baptiste

Local Brooklyn artist, Pierre Jean- Baptiste, started off the New Year by posting a video from Diddy and son, Justin Combs admiring his work out in some exotic location.


Revolt and Power 105.1 correspondent Joed Esperance bought one of Pierre’s art work as a gift for Diddy. In the piece, you can see bold statements like “Faith Without Work is Dead”, “Create Like a God, Command Like A King”, “Black Excellence” and “DNA= Royalty”. These phrases that denote spiritual power, of course, was right up Puff’s alley. Here is the work of art.

Faith without work is dead ! … keep working welcome to 2018 ! #PStudios

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28 year-old Pierre is a Haitian American artist from Brooklyn, New York who had his first showcase titled The Vagabond in NYC early December 2017. The exhibit was successful and it looks like Pierre has a great year ahead of him. This work reminds many of another Haitian artist that many rappers love, Jean-Michel Basquiat!

We look forward to seeing more of his work. Congratulations!