Words by Roman White

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Cannabis pioneer and one fifth of the rap group Cypress Hill, B-Real, said he wants to get Former President Barack Obama high. In an interview with MSNBC’s Jacob Soboroff, the Los Angeles based MC spoke about the legalization of recreational marijuana in California which went into effect on January 1st.   California joins Colorado, Alaska, Washington State, Washington D.C., Maine, Oregon and Nevada in the recreational use of marijuana.

B-Real spoke about his show The Smokebox, a show where B-Real has a smoke session with celebrities in his car. This show is featured on his online network, B-Real TV. When asked what his dream “smokebox” would be, the rapper quickly answered with President Obama. Platinum-selling rapper conceded:


“I don’t know if Obama would be able to hang in there I think it would be too much…”

It is less than likely that B-Real will ever get that chance although marijuana is not foreign to the 44th president. President Obama has previously admitted to inhaling the popular drug as a young man.

Obama is not the only political figure who B-Real is leaving an open invitation to. The 47-year-old marijuana connoisseur thinks it would be “awesome” to get President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions in The Smokebox saying that he would get them “so hammered.”

The Attorney General has actively and strongly opposed the use and legalization of marijuana.

The former Governor of Alabama made it a priority in his agenda to reform marijuana laws and crackdown on states who legalize the drug. It is unclear where President Trump stands specifically with marijuana, but having chosen Sessions to be the nation’s top lawyer, it sends a strong signal to the nation on where his position is on the issue.

Maybe if the two Conservative Republicans spent some time in The Smokebox with B-Real they’d have a change of heart.