After trolling the NFL in 2017,  Donald Trump plans to start 2018 by attending an actual football game.

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President Trump is reportedly making plans to attend the college football national championship game between the University of Georgia and the University of Alabama on Monday night in Atlanta.


It will be Trump’s first college football game since he showed up at the Army-Navy game a month after he was elected and complained about the poor quality of play.

On Tuesday, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders bragged about the schools being “in the heart of Trump country” and it’s easy to imagine that played into Trump’s decision to attend (along with the halftime performance by Kendrick Lamar).

Trump won Alabama by 30 points and Georgia by 5 over Democrat Hillary Clinton in the last presidential election. Guessing, this is way of thanking his voters and getting a closer look at the hottest MC in the game today, all at the same time.