Sha Hustle is always entertaining. The Toronto Super-Creative is a doppelganger of his creative self morphing into producer, A&R and conceptual musician as he pleases. So it’s not a suprise that he finished off 2017 by premiering “Spend Some” on the UTU Takeover of OVO Sound Radio Episode 57, a rich patois-heavy take on problems in the 6. The Cian P produced dancehall burner is Hustle in full money-making mode: there is no filler as he expertly sings-raps sweet roadman talk through his Jamaican-Toronto creole. So if this is his idea of New Age music it couldn’t come at a better time.

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Earlier last month, he was posting conversations with Drake on his instagram story, a recent trend as the 6 God has been slowly mounting his return to music after his self-declared 2017 sabbatical. Whether the true connect on something remains to be seen but one this is for sure: Sha Hustle’s personal discography remains a vibrant example of a thriving, undocumented urban culture that remains an undeniable influence on mainstream hip-hop. Listen to the track below.

Photo Credit: Thomas Ridout