Bruno Mars and Cardi B put the masses in grand awe over their 90s inspired, In Living Color themed music video for the “Finesse” remix. Based on the visual’s reception from onlookers, the track is a certified head nodder and immediately forces spectators into a clear 90s experience.

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In Living Color was not only acclaimed for its classic comedy sketches and hip-hop aesthetic. There was one part of the show viewers visually favored the most, and that was the moves and grooves of the dance troupe, The Fly Girls. Perhaps the most notable Fly Girls to reign out of the class act are Rosie Perez and Jennifer Lopez.

The Mars and Cardi collab have been deemed iconic for its appeal which is sanctioned on paying homage to the favored era and nonetheless the legacy of In Living Color and of course, The Fly Girls were represented. Jennifer Lopez was touched by the gem and without a doubt memories of her days as a Fly Girl began to pour into her psyche, causing her to participate in Throwback Thursday. JLO shared a clip of her rocking a fierce dance routine to Redman‘s 1992 classic “Time 4 Sum Aksion” on Instagram, making it known she’s been doing this from the jump with hashtags “#onceaflygirlalwaysaflygirl #killingitsinceforever” followed by the acknowledgement of the Bruno Mars and Cardi B track.