Words by Roman White

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TM88 went on a tweet storm Friday afternoon to express his displeasure with his record label, Atlantic Records. The Taylor Gang affiliated producer started his Twitter rant saying “F**K Atlantic” with a link to an Instagram post of the cover art for a new track he released on Soundcloud. The track which is titled “Mood” features fellow Atlantic signee Lil Uzi Vert with co-production by 808 Mafia’s Southside.

Upon releasing the track, TM88 went on to discuss his frustrations about not being paid by the label. The Producer said on Twitter:


“Atlantic still ain’t paid n****s s**t”

Fans engaged in a debate on what specifically TM could be referring to that he wasn’t paid for.

88 later responded to fans to debunk any theories that were not explained in the previous tweet. In regard to questions on if he was paid for, he mentioned his work on Lil Uzi Vert’s Multi-Platinum his,  XO Tour Lif3. TM quotes a fans tweet saying,  “Never got paid for XO, ballin off old checks.”

TM88 also calls Atlantic Records the worst record label in history.

It seems as though planned release of the new “Mood” track could be what triggered this social media rant. One day prior to the song’s release, the 30-year-old producer born Bryan Simmons tweeted that the label was making him wait until January 5 to drop the three and a half minute track. It seems as though the obligation to consult with the label piled on with unpaid wages is what is irking TM88.

After not being paid for one of the biggest song in 2017, it is hard not to be upset with not receiving a production check for that song. Hopefully the star producer will be paid properly for the track in the near future and will be able to patch things up with the Warner Bros. owned record label.