Over the past five years, Lord Jamar became one of the most notably outspoken rappers to brew out of hip-hop culture due to his vivid presence on the couch of DJ Vlad. His commentary on Macklemore‘s act of promoting the gay agenda and mostly recalled commentary on Kanye West‘s fashion sense (as he was known to rock skirts) went viral and was powerful enough to trigger responses from fellow rappers securing his stance as the controversial voice of hip-hop.

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For the true hip-hop purist, Lord Jamar is more than just that black guy DJ Vlad interviews every week. He is herald as a hip-hop legend, being one of the wordsmiths of the iconic collective Brand Nubian, which consists of Sadat X, Grand Puba, and DJ Alamo. The group’s prime time is sanctioned in the 90s as their spawned classics in the likes of “All for One,” “Slow Down,” and most notably “Punks Jump Up To Get Beat Down” showcased a sound that was especial bringing forth a strict sense of knowledge of self, black social matters, and heterosexual bonds.

On Sunday (Jan. 7) Lord Jamar launched the first episode of his podcast, The Yanadameen Godcast with Lord Jamar. Stationed in what appears to be a home studio, the backdrop is filled with items that represent the ambiance of his Godcast which involve the show’s logo, an animated figure of the hip-hop notable that personifies his viral #bookphonechallenge rocking Brand Nubian merch in signature stance, the Universal Flag of The Five Percent Nation of Gods and Earths, one identical to the cover of his classic solo album The 5% Album-pasted to a wine glass, along with his beat machine.


The Yanadameen Godcast with Lord Jamar will feature the Brand Nubian emcee answering common or exclusive questions from the masses along with interviews with mostly “interesting” and “ordinary” people. Jamar bears little interest in interviewing A-listers or viral personalities. The podcast will be a clear scope of the broad world and unapologetic mind of Lord Jamar, a slant majority of his fan base prefers to witness, where he somewhat refines during his DJ Vlad segments.

“We want you to come on the journey with us and we gonna bring to you what you expect to be Lord Jamar,” says the unapologetic personality. “You expect that real shit. That raw shit. That unadulterated truth. And you gonna get that here on the Yanadameen Godcast with Lord Jamar.”

The podcast starts off with Lord Jamar singling out The Breakfast Club for what he finds to be their way of possibly in an unconscious manner subliminally supporting the lifestyle of the LGBT community, a community he has frequently vocally expressed his opposed preference about in the past.

“The subliminal message that’s given when somebody sits on a set and has a gay flag behind them, The subliminal message says that that person supports, you know, the LGBT, whatever the letters are, that they support that lifestyle.”

He notes how most guests are unconscious of the act, and there is a great chance hosts Charlamagne, Angela Yee, and DJ Envy are also unaware of such influence but points out the one guest who was and forced the change in scenery for their appearance, The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.

“I’m not gonna sit here and say that Charlamagne the God or any of the hosts up there, Envy, Angela Yee are even conscious of this. And definitely, most of the guests up there are not conscious of the subliminal psychological message that’s being said. But one guest who was aware of this and who went as far as creating his own background and backdrop for what he wanted behind him was The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan,” Lord Jamar recalls.

The first episode proceeds on to its first interview with “interesting” guest The Chinese Puff Daddy, a man who was once a royalty coordinator at the RIAA and Jamar goes on to elaborate on the current beef between RBG personalities Tariq Nasheed and Umar Johnson. Peep the first episode of Lord Jamar’s new podcast The Yanadameen Godcast with Lord Jamar, on YouTube below.