The hip-hop masses are aggressively speculating exactly who Bronx veteran emcee Remy Ma is making reference to in her latest spit.

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On Friday night (Jan. 5), the “SHEther” emcee posted a clip of her spitting some fiery, shade-bound bars over the beat of Kodak Black‘s “Roll In Peace” on Instagram where she sheds light on her credibility and questions her attention span on the unknown target who is apparently unworthy of it due to their inability to get a man and rather amusing identity, giving a serious New York City vibe to the Florida rapper’s track.

“You can’t fuck with me baby you don’t understand bitch

This for Remy Mafia I do this for my fans bitch

I get 100 bands bitch

You ain’t even got no man bitch

Why would I give you a chance shorty when I can give you these hands bitch?

You don’t want no smoke with me

You really a joke to me”

Well, for starters, there is a great chance Remy is not referencing fellow Boogie Down new school sensation Cardi B. Last June, she performed at Hot 97‘s Summer Jam concert and brought out Cardi B to share the stage with Young M.A. and female hip-hop legends MC Lyte, Queen Latifah, Lady of Rage, and Lil’ Kim to perform “U.N.I.T.Y.”


Now here are the possible suspects, yes, possible suspects. Nicki Minaj is the most speculated target as 2017 marked the year her sparked beef with Remy surfaced to destruction due to “SHEther,” a response to Nicki’s attempt to throw darts at Remy in tracks “Swalla,” “Make Love,” and several other mini sneaks.

Just last month, the “Wake Me Up” rapper sparred with the controversial Azealia Banks after she took to Instagram to respond to a statement Remy made in an interview, making an attempt to discredit her stance in the hip-hop genre. Remy delivered a cutthroat response, by exposing text messages between herself and Banks, where the Harlem artist down talks Nicki Minaj, expresses her desire for a vaginal rejuvenation, along with her financial troubles. Banks has since threatened to take legal action for the exposure.

And let’s not forget about Foxy Brown. Back in 2004, Remy Ma ended up snatching off the Ill Na Na‘s edges at a Baby Phat after party, after the two spent a couple of the previous months arguing over the future of female rap and the battle rap circuit. The beef started when Remy dismissed the identity of other female rappers in an interview, where the interviewer notes the absence of Foxy Brown, deeming her irrelevant. Apparently, after her rap battle with Lady Luck earlier that year, Foxy Brown declined her battle request, belittled the future of battle rap saying its for beginners and she is about that selling records life. The rest is history. After the “SHEther” fiasco, Brown released a diss track titled “Breaks Over” in defense of her protege Nicki Minaj.

There are a number of probable targets when it comes to the rap game, but the masses won’t be certain until the full track is released. Even then, there is a great chance Remy won’t drop any names due to her simply showcasing her metaphorical clout, with knowledge such lyrical content will keep the conversation going and add hype to the coming of her sophomore album 7 Winters and 6 Summers.

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