Eminem recently released his latest Album “Revival” to some solid reviews and other not-so-positive reviews. Turns out that something must’ve rubbed Em the wrong way because he unleashed a very entertaining remix to his album track “Chloraseptic” featuring 2Chainz today, who delivers a lyrically top-shelf verse along with Phresher who fits in nicely in the mid-verse, leaving the runway clear for the Detroit native to unleash a thorough drubbing. Shifting flows and topics but aimed squarely at his detractors, one gets the feeling that this is the sort of motivation he needs to continue being great. The remix is so good that for a split second you forget that this is 2018; Eminem has used his voice as a guitar for so long he’s capable of bringing you right back to the musical pocket he occupies in rap almost at will. Even the reactions are in and this one’s a heater. Listen to the Remix below.

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