While the music world awaits the Wednesday (Jan. 10) release of Kevin Gates from prison, Gates is already making plans that will impact troubled teens.

Hershel Rush, who is Gates’ lawyer, spoke with TMZ about Gates’ plans for troubled teens.

Kevin’s plans after he’s released from an Illinois penitentiary Wednesday include devoting considerable time and resources talking to troubled teens and sharing anecdotes from his own life in hopes they’ll avoid the same pitfalls.

Rush tells us the rapper will reach out to various organizations — including the Boys & Girls Club — to share stories about his regrettable decisions.

Gates, who has been in prison for seven and a half months, can use this as a positive to kickstart his career. A rapper choosing to reach out to teens in need is phenomenal. The teens who look up to Gates will greatly appreciate his advice for them to straighten up their act.

While Gates released the mixtape, By Any Means 2, a fresh start toward his burgeoning rap career would greatly benefit him.