Born Clifford Smith, hip-hop class act Method Man seems to be the go-to guy when it comes to modern blaxploitation roles. In HBO television series The Deuce, which premiered last August, he plays a pretty pimp named Rodney, themed in the tattered strolls of 42nd Street Times Square of the 1970s. Now, he will join Richard Roundtree and Samuel L Jackson for the reboot of the classic blaxploitation film, Shaft.

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The legendary Richard Roundtree, who played the original John Shaft in the groundbreaking 1971 make will reprise his role in the new film reportedly titled, Son of Shaft. Samuel L Jackson who starred in the 2000 John Singleton-directed sequel as the nephew of the original John Shaft, will rehash his role as John Shaft II, while Jesse T. Usher has been set to play the son of John Shaft, who reconnects with his father after years of separation, eventually becoming a staunch duo. Method Man has been cast to play an old neighborhood friend of John Shaft II.

For those who are avid blaxploitation era lovers, this remake heralds excitement being the original John Shaft, Richard Roundtree, along with Jackson will join forces, plus, the addition of hip-hop flavor with the presence of the Wu-Tang Clan legend.


The movie will also star Regina Hall and Alexandra Shipp and is set for release in June of 2019.