To say Eminem is making a strong comeback would be an understatement. The rapper whose anti-Trump free-stlye recently went viral, announced today that he will be the headliner of the famous Tennessee based festival, Bonnaroo.

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Bonnaroo is set to go down June 7-10th in Manchester, TN and Eminem will be in great company as Anderson Paak & the Free Nationals, Khalid, Future, Playboi Carti, and Daniel Caesar are all set to perform that weekend as well.

So what’s so out of the ordinary about an A-List rapper like Eminem headlining a major festival? As the industry relies less on music sales and more on live performances, it’s imperative to show your value through placement on festival flyers and Eminem has struck gold 4 times. The bigger the font and the closer to the top of the flyer, the more valuable you are in the eye of fans and advertisers.


The politics behind the big and bold names who float atop of these flyers is still a mystery, but we are sure it has a lot to do with how many eyes and ears an artist will bring to the festival. Recently, 2 Chainz had a few words to say about his placement on New York’s ‘Govoner’s Ball’ flyer by plainly stating that he’s accomplished too much this year to be placed so low in the line-up.

With that being said it is no surprise that Eminem is floating atop. He’s been on a brief hiatus that has allowed his fan’s hearts to grow fonder and fonder over the years. Just a few years ago Outkast made their return to the festival circuit and landed the headlining spot on multiple festivals as well, proving their worth and desirability after taking a hiatus from the rap game.

In Eminem’s case, 80’s babies, 90’s babies, and those born in the new millennium can appreciate the fact that he came up during the sweet spot of rap music where his album sales and digital streams are equally impressive.

Will we see you at Bonnaroo 2018?